Mike Delaney – the crime fighting Monk meets The Priest assassin

Mike Delaney is no ordinary hero. Because of his background and training he finds himself sucked into helping the disenfranchised, those who cannot fight back against brutality, crime or oppression. H...
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Ex-US assassin, ex-cop and ex-monk must overcome The Mammoth to save a woman who compromised him

Mike Delaney is minding his own business on a hot, still day at Grover Beach, California. He sees a woman on the run, panic stricken. As she passes him she takes his photograph on her mobile phone. He...
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She's undercover, he's compromised. Together they face – The Mammoth

What would you do if you saw a beautiful woman being bundled into a van against her will after she just passed you on the street and you looked into her terrified eyes?If you were ex U.S assassin, ex ...
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Website redesign has meant restarting search engine crawlers

I recently made some changes to my website, not because I wasn’t happy with it the way it was, but because I wanted to improve my general book marketing. This means mainly building up my mailing lis...
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Boris Johnson is an immortal – an immortal what?

Causing mayhem 4,000 years ago? Did Boris cause the downfall of the Minoan civilisation? I couldn't resist this (even though it's not about writing or novels\". Seen in the archeological museum in Her...
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