Hit men, detectives, villains and victims – another book promotion hits the ground shooting from the hip

I shouldn't complain. Well, I'm not, really.The new phenomenon of joint author promotions is proliferating. It's a grass roots movement of authors swamped, as are readers, with the sheer volume of boo...
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A new reader platform is launched

I've just discovered Inkitt , a new website where readers can review books, some of which will get published and promoted by the platform. I'm not too clear how the publishing side works but I do have...
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Writing time versus marketing time

It's a common complaint by authors, whether traditionally published or self-published. How much time do spend writing and how much time do you devote to marketing? Everyday I receive another email pit...
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Fantastic reviews for THE IMMORTALITY PLOT and an offer from Russia

Now and again it's good to allow yourself to bathe in a warm glow. It doesn't happen too often but once in a while when something pretty good happens, then why not?The reason for the good feeling is t...
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DARK DAYS; The power of 18 noir thriller writers giveaway

Mike Delaney thrillers ONE FALSE MOVE and CAPTURED plus my multiracial, split personality thriller BODYSWITCH are part of an InstaFreebie promotion.Eighteen top noir thriller writers are offering 18 b...
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