You think your body belongs to you? Think again.

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Jack Madigan has a perfect life. He runs a mission in the Bronx helping New York's poor and homeless, the lost souls of the city. His wife Kerry works on a campaigning newspaper. They are not rich but they are fulfilled. And they are about to have their first child.

Sadistic sociopath Ernie Mason is released from prison, the poor black kid from the Bronx who has been brutalized by a lifetime of abuse, drugs, and crime until he becomes a killer; a walking time-bomb. He gets drunk, steals a car, and goes joyriding in central Manhattan.

Jack says goodbye to Kerry after a routine medical examination and she crosses the busy street.
Ernie Mason hits Kerry full on, killing her instantly and killing himself.

The bottom falls out of Jack Madigan's life. But then he is made an offer no other human being has ever received. The chance to say a final goodbye to Kerry on 'the other side'. 

But there is a price to pay. He must allow a recently departed soul to occupy his body while he is in spiritual limbo to be given one last chance of redemption. That's when the cosmic switch clicks and a dark soul enters Jack Madigan's body. 
Guess who?