TV & Film

David Callinan has a roster of film and TV projects available for production. Contact me to request samples of scripts or treatments.

Film & TV scripts/treatments 

Lark in the Morning - romantic drama
Coming of age story for an innocent Irish boy in the US as he discovers his real father.
Misconception - thriller
Infertile couple hire surrogate who seduces husband
The Rites of Love - a black comedy
Shakespeare meets Eastenders: Three ex-university friends devise a scam to make them filthy rich. 
Midnight Mistress - thriller
Female revenge thriller with a schoolteacher who lives a double life as a prostitute.
Hoods - crime drama
A disgraced police officer booted out of the force on a false corruption charge and a gangland boss released from prison for a crime he did not commit join forces in an unholy alliance.
The Forest - TV series concept
Set in The Forest of Dean, a disgraced media tycoon on the rebound takes wife and family to the land that time has forgotten.
The Last Resort - TV series concept
A failed entertainer inherits a haunted pier that is an independent country from the UK by order of Queen Victoria
If you would like more information or sample scripts please contact me here.