Front page news: It's time to get personal with Facebook

Is it just me that finds Facebook confusing? To tell you the truth, I'm not that interested in sharing the trivia of my life with hosts of friends, and friends of friends, and friends of ghosts in the...
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I've got to get a message to you – about staying alive

When someone like Robin Gibb dies you realise that someone who (in part ) has written the soundtrack of your life along with his brother BeeGees has left a profound echo behind - a vibration that does...
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When Angela's Ashes came into focus

If you haven't read Frank McCourt's 'Angela's Ashes' then you are missing out on a literary tour-de-force.It conjures up a time in Limerick, Ireland, when poverty was rife and the workhouse was full. ...
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How to create an immortal action hero, and don't forget the feminine side

When I sat down to write 'The Immortality Plot' I was determined to create a thriller hero with a difference. The original title of the book was 'Old Habits Die Hard' and I am still attached to that t...
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I'm not being humble - I just love all my readers

I owe everyone who hits on this site a debt of gratitude. As an indie author I need you more than you need me. That's not a squirmy attempt at being humble, it's a genuine respect and immense lik...
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