I'm not being humble - I just love all my readers

I owe everyone who hits on this site a debt of gratitude. 
As an indie author I need you more than you need me. That's not a squirmy attempt at being humble, it's a genuine respect and immense liking for everyone who has ever read a word that I have written - and that includes blogs and books and (for some of you who are brave enough) listened to my music.
When I say I need you, I don't just mean please go out and buy my books even though I would love you to do so, of course. I know you'll enjoy my work whether you like hard-hitting thrillers in the vein of Lee Child or Harlan Coben or you are into YA fantasy in the style of Philip Pullman or Philip Reeve.
No, I mean I would like to gather a few good and trustworthy readers who have a genuine interest in the kind of books I write whether they have read any or just stumbled across this site in error or by some arcane good fortune.
I would like people to give me their critical opinion on my books especially when I have finished a new one or have revised another. I just want to make contact on a semi-regular basis. Your opportunity to do so lies at the end of this post in the 'Contact' section.
For example, a major publisher has shown interest in my YA fantasy 'The Kingdoms Of TIme And Space'. Some others, as well as some agents, have turned it down based on the usual pitch and three chapters some just dissing it without a second glance while others felt 'it wasn't right for them'.
But this publisher has me in a tizzy. Simplify the proposition was her advice. She said: there are some fantastically imaginative and wonderful elements in this book and a terrific protagonist but you need to simplify it.
The book is simple in the same way as 'Lord Of The Rings' is simple. But yet there are complex sub-texts and ideas and concepts that are mind blowing (just like LOTR). A book like this can have a straightforward narrative while challenging readers with some really heavy-duty scientific and magical and mystical overtones.
This publisher's simple request URGING me to produce (I assume) a simpler pitch that she can show to marketing people I take to be, if not a green light, then perhaps and amber one.
So, I have revised the entire book and revised the short pitch and the long pitch.
I would LOVE you to comment if you are interested. It really does help. Every writer needs a sounding board or two. Unfortunately, I have no one to bounce books or drafts against to get some feedback. I have a wonderful family but they don't read the kind of books I write.
So, if you would like to become a chosen reader let me know and let's have some contact. I will certainly send you books and drafts free-of-charge in return for your feedback.
Meanwhile, let's stand up for the indie writer and the indie reader. It's us against the establishment. Please tweet and Facebook this post to your own contacts.
I'd LOVE to hear from you.