Front page news: It's time to get personal with Facebook

Is it just me that finds Facebook confusing? To tell you the truth, I'm not that interested in sharing the trivia of my life with hosts of friends, and friends of friends, and friends of ghosts in the machine. But I am interested in having a Facebook Page.
This is different. This is what is called euphemistically a 'fan' page. It's what celebrities, companies and hopeful writers use. The difference is, on a personal all your friends gossip and you put up pictures of the new baby, or the stag weekend, or your latest holiday.
On an FB page, you focus only on your business, your calling or your vocation and people 'like' the page. According to the FB rules, if someone likes your page they are giving permission for you to make contact.
But I can't find out how. 
People tell me to comment but when I click on links they send me I can't find a comment box. Neither can I find a way to like their page. But hold on, they may not have a page themselves, they may have a personal. If they have a personal they can like my page because I have a page but I can't like their personal because I have a page. If I switch to my personal I have to be their friend and start gossiping about the snails in my garden or the price of oil!
What could be easier?
I have found that to say thank you for liking my page I have to switch to my personal to leave a comment on their personal and then remember to switch back to my page.
A wonderful book reviewer, Glenda Bixler, has posted numerous links on my FB page. When I click on them I get taken to her FB page and then, well, nothing. I can't seem to do anything. There is no comment box, no like button, zilch. 
I tried an experiment. I switched back to my personal so that I could click Glenda's link but when I got there nothing Glenda had sent to my page was on my personal. Hah! I know why. It was on my page.
I am no technophobe. I have set up a fairly sophisticated batch of interlinked Twitter/blog/Facebook sites and a roster of forum type sites worth my time and effort.
And I know that FB is really important. So I am just going to have to figure it out.
Unless you can help me.