New Mike Delaney novella under way

In addition to pursuing submissions to agents, and publishers (through my agent who handles just one book of mine), I've redesigned this website and planned a new Mike Delaney novella titled 'Captured...
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Under the Spanish sun

I spend several months each year in Andalucia, southern Spain not far from where Sergio Leone filmed his spaghetti westerns. Part of the landscape is Europe's only desert but in general I have come to...
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The husband, the wife, the surrogate and her lesbian lover

I am toying with the idea of turning my surrogacy TV thriller script  'Misconception' into a novel. But first I have to contemplate re-working the script as a potential two-part television drama....
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How to create an immortal action hero

When I sat down to write 'The Immortality Plot', the short story 'One False Move' and the novella 'Captured', I was determined to create a thriller hero wth a difference. The original title of the boo...
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Ghosts, manifests and memories of past lives – delusion or insights?

It's really funny how some memories, however far distant they may be, have the power to resonate throughout your life.Maybe not as 'in your face' traumatic recollections that keep you awake at night b...
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