We're all sex objects now, ho, ho, ho!

Periodically my attention is drawn to the strident voices complaining about how life, the world and the media objectify women as sex objects. The recent hoo-hah in the UK as the mass-market tabloid Th...
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What will we be writing one thousand years from now?

Language changes and develops over time, particularly language that is exposed to the 'modern world'. Some languages spoken by remote tribes have hardly changed in the last thousand years.In all the s...
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"Make me beautiful, make me beautiful," she begged

Ella had come to terms with her ugliness – almost. Behind the twisted, deformed lips, buckled nose, slight squint and straggly hair lay the bone structure of a beautiful woman. It's just that no one...
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A change is as good as a rest – to cite the old cliché

I've decided it's time to make some changes.Firstly, my fingers are crossed that agents will respond well to my pitch for a new thriller, with a new character. Title is 'Or Else She Dies'. The lead ch...
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Can beta readers beat editors at their own game?

It's probably a given that the majority of authors can only go so far editing their own work. It's partly a question of being too close to the page and the story but even if you put the MS away in a d...
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