Ghosts, manifests and memories of past lives – delusion or insights?

It's really funny how some memories, however far distant they may be, have the power to resonate throughout your life.Maybe not as 'in your face' traumatic recollections that keep you awake at night b...
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High end YA fantasy with not a vampire in sight

We seem to have several definitions of YA or young adult fiction. To some, it is romantic, edgy sexy, coming of age, spots, pimples and first love sprinkled with jealousy, erotic daydreams, and hearta...
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Free downloads of thriller movies or books – which do you prefer?

Keyword analysis seems to be at the heart of becoming visible in the cybersphere. There are armies of online experts only too keen to give you free advice but even better advice if you upgrade to a pa...
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I've got a new literary agent

They say getting a literary agent is tougher than getting a publisher.And they are probably right.My self-published books sell well when I promote them but die a sales death when I don't. And the tric...
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Are you squeaky clean, dear reader? Sorry for the language.

It's making waves all right.How about this one reported in The Washington Post that has incurred the rightful wrath and indignation of writers worldwide. A couple believed to be from America's 'bible ...
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