What makes a 'good' girl turn bad?

I have received hundreds of emails, tweets and reviews (not to mention sales) for 'The Immortality Plot' and my character Mike Delaney, ex US assassin, ex Hong Kong Police and ex esoteric monk,I reall...
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Looking for firearms/sniper expertise (research only)

No, I don't want to issue a contract on someone's life.I've just finished the first draft of my new Mike Delaney thriller, a follow up in series to 'The Immortality Plot'. I'm calling it (at the momen...
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What makes grown men cry?

There he is people. Lantern jaw, hair ironed to his scalp (except for the flick of a kiss curl), chest hair removed by some painful method leaving gleaming pecs and John Travolta hips.Our hero.Or rath...
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Human embryo or dripping vampire fangs – you choose

I had an interesting comment from someone recently about the cover of my thriller 'The Immortality Plot'. I had been thinking it was pretty cool, summed up the underlying theme of the story and was a ...
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What makes Mike Delaney tick – life or death?

A space opens between life and death as the final breath is drawn.It is infinitesimal yet limitless. Mike Delaney hovered in that space experiencing only the constant now. What had gone before and wha...
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