Fantastic reviews for THE IMMORTALITY PLOT and an offer from Russia

Now and again it's good to allow yourself to bathe in a warm glow. It doesn't happen too often but once in a while when something pretty good happens, then why not?
The reason for the good feeling is the number of amazing reviews that came in for the launch (or relaunch) of my Mike Delaney thriller THE IMMORTALITY PLOT.
Here are just a few of them:
The main plot will blow your mind
Wait until you meet the killer in this book - like no-one and all of them you have ever read about.
The one thriller you should NOT miss
Standing ovation and a nomination for best thriller EVER written award (if there is such a award). Masterly. Sheer genius.
Thrilling from begin to the very end
Wow! What a thrilling book! A thriller with a very clever assassin, but an even cleverer Delaney. I just couldn't put it down.
Loads of action and tense drama. Well worth a read
A tense psychological thriller. Ex-special forces guy Mike's wife gets killed brutally, and he goes into a monastery to try and reconcile his life. But real life interferes, and he goes on the track of his wife's killer. The killer is a transvestite with split personality who is also a serial killer and insane.
David Callinan has a winner here
David Callinan absolutely ROCKED THIS. Mike Delaney is my new favorite hero.
Callinan has given readers a great ride
David Callinan has written a taut, fast paced, page turner of a novel. It’s a non-stop thriller that features a villain on par with Dr. Lecter. In the vein of a Preston & Child 'Gideon Crew' novel.
My confession. This is a great read
Callinan weaves a very intricate and addictive web of suspense that I found unable to resist or put down until the end. I can't wait to read what is in store for Delaney next.
I have been approached by a Russian book website, what could be described as an embryonic Russian language Amazon, to translate all my books into Russian.
We've been sorting out contracts but, potentially, the Russian speaking book market should be pretty large. There are Russian speakers in many countries outside Russia.
So, watch this space comrade.