Mike Delaney – the crime fighting Monk meets The Priest assassin

Mike Delaney is no ordinary hero. Because of his background and training he finds himself sucked into helping the disenfranchised, those who cannot fight back against brutality, crime or oppression. He trained as a U.S secret assassin with G-Force and was then seconded to the Hong Kong Police elite where he forged a lifetime bond with Bob Messenger, who went on to form citizens crime busting website confess-confess where his code name is, The Monk.
Delaney and Messenger are set up and drummed out of the force. Delaney joins The Brothers of Light, an esoteric monastic order where his fighting skills reach levels unknown in the wider world. 
Then he falls in love, leaves the monastery and gets married – returning only as a part-time monk.
His young wife is brutally murdered by a transvestite contract serial killer known as The Priest – the tame assassin of The Renaissance Project, a clandestine organisation selling 'immortality' to the super rich and powerful and leaving behind a trail of murdered and mutilated young women.
Delaney's search for The Priest and uncovering The Renaissance Project will test his skills to the limit and put his life on the line.
The Immortality Plot http://ow.ly/FVAx307irSc