Ex-US assassin, ex-cop and ex-monk must overcome The Mammoth to save a woman who compromised him

Mike Delaney is minding his own business on a hot, still day at Grover Beach, California. He sees a woman on the run, panic stricken. As she passes him she takes his photograph on her mobile phone. He doesn't notice her dropping something into his pocket, something that will compromise him and put him on the hunted list.
When the gang come to capture the woman, Delaney glimpses The Mammoth, huge, Neanderthal, lethal. He tries to help the woman but a gun pointed at his stomach dissuades him.
This is the opening sequence of CAPTURED, my new Mike Delaney novella. When Delaney discovers the object in his pocket he doesn't realise he has become the most wanted by a criminal oligarch. And his photograph on the woman's phone confirms him as her accomplice.
So, Delaney must allow himself to get captured in order to rescue the woman and fight his way out against overwhelming odds.
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