She's undercover, he's compromised. Together they face – The Mammoth

What would you do if you saw a beautiful woman being bundled into a van against her will after she just passed you on the street and you looked into her terrified eyes?
If you were ex U.S assassin, ex Hong Kong Police and ex monk Mike Delaney, on his way to spend time at the monastery of the Brothers of Light, then you'd take action.
But when the masked attackers pointed a gun at his stomach he was forced to back off. Later, he found that the woman had slipped something into his pocket as she passed him, an object that her captors will kill to obtain.
That's the action intro to CAPTURED, my latest Mike Delaney thriller (in novella form). I'm given it away free @instafreebie at this link https://www.instafreebie.com/free/53iaF.
It's not yet published on any of the usual platforms and is only available on this site or at instafreebie. I will get around to publishing it but for now, I suppose, it's kind of an exclusive.