Would you kill your twin to save your skin? Or would you be Torn Apart?

A Catholic nun. A deadly assassin. Related by blood. Twins torn apart at birth.
When Mike Delaney agrees to try to find a young Irish nun's long lost sister, someone she has never seen, he discovers she had been adopted by millionaire parents in the USA. And she grows up a million miles away from her demure, shy and closeted twin sister.
An assassin with a deadly contract. To kill the most powerful man in the world on a visit to Ireland.
When Delaney finally reunites the sisters, he lights the touch paper to an explosive, emotional climax. When the twins change places and the assassination plans move forward, Delaney is captured by the political group behind the operation and faces a fight for his life to escape and save a pregnant woman who could have been collateral damage.
Both he and the assassin twin are targeted by a freakish blowpipe killer. But which twin does he target?
Will both twins survive?
And can Delaney bring the powerful group behind the scenes to justice?