New Mike Delaney thriller on pre-order. Limited time offer

I'm gearing up for the launch of the follow-up thriller to 'The Immortality Plot'
"Torn Apart' again features Mike Delaney, a former US government assassin who was seconded to the Hong Kong Police where, along with his friend and colleague Bob Messenger, he was set-up and drummed out of the Force with no pension and no future.
When he fell in love, he left the order but remained a part-time novice, returning for his spiritual fix again and again.
In 'The Immortality Plot' his new wife is murdered by a contract serial killer working for a clandestine organisation.
'Torn Apart' sees Delaney living on a cabin cruiser moored in Boston Harbour. He is still part of the global citizen's crime fighting website confess-confess, formed by Bob Messenger to help ordinary folk fight back against crime and corruption.
Delaney is offered the chance to go back to Ireland, the country of his birth, to help a young nun locate her twin sister. They were separated at birth.
Delaney and Sister Beatrice are sucked into an international plot when Delaney discovers the twin sister is now a paid assassin in the US.
This is where I introduce the spoiler.
For this launch, I plan to offer the book on preorder. Just in time for Christmas. Go to Amazon here.
I've put together a cover and it's received a positive response from my VIP launch team mailing list.
If you are on my main list you'll be getting an invitation to preorder soon. Members of my VIP list will get free copies in return for a review.