New Delaney thriller, new covers, sojourn in Spain

My wife and I are about to head off for our place in Andalusia to escape the UK climate for a few months. Then we hear that there is a yellow snow warning for the Cantabrian mountains that we have to drive through on our way down south.
Still, it's be worth it to get down to the coast and stop off on the way.
I'm going to be structuring a new Mike Delaney thriller that I'm tentatively calling 'The Exterminator'. It's just an idea and a few scenes in my head at the moment so we'll see how that goes.
I've redesigned most of my thriller covers in an attempt to build a brand. And, I'm playing around with an entirely different cover for a book I wrote last featuring a new protagonist, Harry Chance. He's a former cage fighter turned jewel thief who has to track down £30m of stolen gold to get his kidnapped daughter back.
Here are some of the thriller covers. I think they work.
And, for the first Harry Chance thriller 'Or Else She Dies', I'm playing around with this. Do let me know books@davidcallinan.com
For those of you on Facebook, I've discovered Messenger and Messenger Bots which mean, I understand (I don't really) that you can scan this in some way and message me. Let's try and see. I'm still learning this system. If you know how this works I'm sure I'll hear from you.
Keep the faith.