Need title for new thriller

I often think of titles first but in the case of a new thriller with a new protagonist, I've been struggling.
Titles are vitally important, especially in genre fiction. I sometimes wonder just how many more killer titles for thrillers are out there in the ether.
So, I thought I'd call upon friends and followers to help me out.
The character's name is Harry Chance and the book is set in the UK. Harry Chance is a crook with a big heart. He started off as a working class nobody but discovered a talent for safecracking and stealing jewellery from the rich that has given him a millionaire lifestyle.
But it came at a cost. His wife from the days before crime enticed him divorced him but he has good access to his daughter with whom he has a strong relationship.
Chance is a bit of a Robin Hood figure. He doesn't believe in giving money to the government (well, not too much anyway) so he gives a huge amount of money anonymously to good causes, charities and children's support organisations. He figures the rich from whom he robs can well afford it and in any case are well insured.
The trouble starts when he does someone a favour. That someone is in prison and Chance owes him. The favour means he has to break into a luxury house, crack the safe and take back something precious belonging to the prisoner.
This book is partly inspired by the most notorious gold bullion heist in British history. Forty million in gold is still missing (today's prices).
Some very bad people think that Harry knows where it is. In fact, he had nothing to do with it but fate puts him in the frame. His connection with the prisoner is what seals his fate although Chance is just repaying a debt.
More trouble when Chance discovers a brutally murdered body at the house.
And he is caught (blurred) on camera.
Then some very bad people led by Croucher kidnap his daughter and tell Chance he has five days to tell them where the gold is or she dies.
There's a lot more to it including romance with an undercover female cop but you should get the gist.
Can you think of a title?
Prize for the best will be a free Kindle copy of one of my books. Your choice.