My new YouTube channel

It’s taken me a long time to catch up with YouTube. I’ve been on the platform from time to time, of course, but never engaged with it as promotional tool or as a way of keeping in touch with, and discovering new readers.
It was a bit of a palavar, as I intend to advertise, setting up the channel, then linking to Adwords (now called Google ads) then linking to Google Merchant Services. These are really designed for shop owners or YouTubers that make a living out of videos.
I was amazed at the sheer volume of make-up videos out there. It’s ironic that women and girls get publicised as wanting to stop men approaching them (except in normal, everyday situations), yet spend hours making the most of their looks and increasing their attractiveness score – mostly, I wager, to attract men (there are exceptions).
Anyway, I digress. You can view my new channel and subscribe here:
There are only a few videos up at the moment but there will be more. I’ve produced variants of a ‘Mike Delaney Triple Thriller’ boxset video and ‘The Dark Power Of Three’, my paranormal revenge boxset.
I’m not allowed to show them here (blog rules) but might be on my website :