Making a triple thriller video

I enjoy playing around with video, although I'm by no means an expert. I'm trying to learn the secrets of telling my stories visually, and in no more than a few minutes or two.
The problem with all promotion, especially of books, is that you don't know if your ads, videos, posts and newsletters actually work. It''s a fine line in these times of brief attention spans between boring the pants off people and getting them to respond.
The character of Mike Delaney is not of a stereotypical action hero, world weary cop with issues, forensic scientist, wanderlust with no home – that populate the modern crime thriller genre.
I did 'construct' him to some degree when on holiday with my wife in Marmaris, Turkey, quite a few years ago. He is me to a degree but exaggerated out of all proportion. I've never been an assassin, a cop or a monk, except in my fantasies, but some elements of these character traits must be inside my psyche somewhere.
See what you think of my triple thriller video. Let me know. Either chat to me  HERE or contact me via this site.
Feedback is vital and I really appreciate honest opinions.
Keep the faith.