I’ve finally come around to Instagram

I should probably have been doing a lot more with social media platforms to publicise my books than I have been.
I’ve always regarded sites such as Instagram as being for younger people, constantly reposting images of virtually everything. Not my typical readership demographic.
But given the number of book bloggers that appear to be on the site, and the number of commercial businesses starting to take seriously, I decided to have a go. My user name is callinan.david. I’m still figuring out how to use it. Apparently I’m supposed to post something every day but I’m not sure that’s feasible. I don’t spend hours on mobile devices, and I have a book to write.
In fact, why don’t you follow me on Instagram. You probably know better than I do how it works.
One thing I have done is to assemble all my links (including Instagram and the new and interesting publishing platform, Inkshares) into one LINKS WIZARD central link, Just click on the link below and you can follow, like, repost and buy books to your heart’s content.
Keep the faith