I have found a publisher for my 'back list'

It is time for a little celebration. Endeavour Media, a leading independent publisher, is going to publish three of my dark, paranormal thrillers and an omnibus box set of all three.
They will take over all the marketing and promotion. There could be audiobook and print versions under other imprints.

It takes a weight off my shoulders. With all my other self-published books to occupy my time, plus looking for an agent and/or mainstream publisher for two unpublished books, 'Misconception' and 'Or Else She Dies' it can become unmanageable. And I've still got to crank up advertising, plan blog tours and goodness knows what else.

At least I have a couple of breaks coming up. Even then, I need to monitor stuff and keep in touch. I'm not one of those obsessed individuals who cannot live without social media. To me, it's just a tool. I could easily go out for the day without a cell phone and not worry too much. But, self-publishing take place in cyberspace so there choice but to spend time glued to a computer or phone.

My wife and I are off to Scotland for a fortnight, back home, then off to our place in Spain for a while. Later we are visiting Ethiopia, which promises to be a fantastic experience.
For now, I await the Endeavour experience. They do sell a lot of books.