Beauty and the twin beasts

On 5th August my psychothriller KNIFE EDGE goes on special discount with the aptly named Amazon Countdown deal. For five days so pass the word around.
The price will be reduced from $5.99/£3.54 to $1.99/£1.18. The Amazon link is on this site.
It's the first time I've tried this promotion. If it works well I'll do it with my other titles. I am suffering a bit from a big dip in promotional activity caused by a major non-writing project.
So what's this beauty and twin beasts about? This is a slightly futuristic (not too far from the present) when body remodelling becomes the new dark art. When an ugly student sees her equally ugly boyfriend victimised by a rich kid who has everything and ends up in a catatonic coma, she snaps.
This is a world where beauty and looks are everything. She runs away, wins the jackpot in Las Vegas and meets a body remodeller extraordinaire and is transformed into a stunning beauty.
Despairing of her boyfriend's recovery she has him transformed by surgery while still in a coma.
He wakes up as a dead ringer for the rich kid who almost killed him and caused him to lose a year of his life.
That's when the big idea strikes. Why not take over the rich kid's life and fortune. Masquerade as him and then destroy him.
KNIFE EDGE  – when beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror.