Literary agents – a true story

Literary agents inhabit a rarified position within the publishing business. Writers need them and it is often more difficult to get one to represent you than find a publisher.Even self-published autho...
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Was there life before the Internet & social networking

I was listening to the radio and the interviewer spoke to two girls who had been born in the mid-nineties.It was a programme about how buying and enjoying music had changed and how with tracks were no...
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So what exactly is reality? Maybe the angels know.

I came across a new book by the sceptic scientist Richard Dawkins dealing with 'reality'. I haven't read it so I cannot comment on the content.It put me in mind of that annoying phrase used by everyon...
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Writers conferences – are they worth it?

I've just signed up for the weekend writing fest that is the Festival Of Writing at York University in a few month's time.I have been to one other event like this, at Winchester a few years ago and al...
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Shall I kill her or not? You decide

I plan to slit her throat.The fact that she's a nun and a bride of Christ makes little difference.Or rather, I plan to have my nasty, twisted, weird creation Oswald Dante (who keeps his long dead moth...
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