Website redesign has meant restarting search engine crawlers

I recently made some changes to my website, not because I wasn’t happy with it the way it was, but because I wanted to improve my general book marketing. This means mainly building up my mailing list and trying to develop a group of readers to act as a VIP launch group. Members would get advance copies of new books, particularly the Mike Delaney series, and could comment on early drafts, book covers etc. They would become part of the team.
The downside of the redesign that I knew would happen to some degree was that my site visits dropped like the apple discovering gravity.
Search engine spiders and bots take time to re-index the site so that (hopefully) it will gradually get back to normal. I have put a big sign-up box on the front page that gives people a free copy of ONE FALSE MOVE that includes extracts from three other books and a link to an ‘assassin’s manual’, based on Mike Delaney’s covert past as a U.S assassin.
He is trying to rid himself of that past and has discovered spirituality in the shape of The Brothers of Light – a monastic order he joined as a novice but not as a full-time monk.
I have so far around three or four people on my launch team but it is still very early days. I am hoping for 20 or 30 so if anyone reading this who likes the idea just contact me below this post.