What is the collective noun for literary agents? Let me know.

Recently, I attended the Festival of Writing in York, UK. It was only the second writers conference I had ever been to. I am far, far from antisocial but have found as I get older that I am not c...
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Free short story promotion – 'One False Move'

Do free book promotions really work?I have resisted taking part in Amazon's KDP Select programme, whereby an author makes a book exclusive to Amazon for a period when it is available in the Kindle len...
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COUNTDOWN to pocket thriller 'One False Move' giveaway days

Pass the word around. On February 5 & 6 my new 'pocket' thriller, 'One False Move' will be free on Amazon Kindle. Click on the image for the link.So, what's the story? Ex US assassin, ex Hong Kong...
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Where gemstones lie scattered on the ground

I have been in Spain since early January and missed the worst of the UK floods and storms. While there I experimented with my first free Kindle Select promotion and saw more than 2,000 downloads of my...
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Show don't tell are the words of writing wisdom

It's been a long time since I blogged on this site. The fact is I have been involved in a labour intensive house and garden renovation that has left me pretty much no time for writing, editing or book...
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