New thriller inspired by the UK's most notorious heist

After an enforced break (caused by house renovation and garden design – not my favourite occupations) from writing and book promotion, I am climbing back into the saddle. There is still one major ag...
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Need title for new thriller

I often think of titles first but in the case of a new thriller with a new protagonist, I've been struggling.Titles are vitally important, especially in genre fiction. I sometimes wonder just how many...
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Beauty and the twin beasts

On 5th August my psychothriller KNIFE EDGE goes on special discount with the aptly named Amazon Countdown deal. For five days so pass the word around.The price will be reduced from $5.99/£3.54 to $1....
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Something interesting about sex, or how to avoid the honey trap

I learned something interesting the other day about sex and the police force. Or rather, the UK police force. And then a story made the news which sounded like serendipity.I bet you're all reading thi...
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Can beta readers beat editors at their own game?

It's probably a given that the majority of authors can only go so far editing their own work. It's partly a question of being too close to the page and the story but even if you put the MS away in a d...
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