So what exactly is reality? Maybe the angels know.

I came across a new book by the sceptic scientist Richard Dawkins dealing with 'reality'. I haven't read it so I cannot comment on the content.It put me in mind of that annoying phrase used by everyon...
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Was there life before the Internet & social networking

I was listening to the radio and the interviewer spoke to two girls who had been born in the mid-nineties.It was a programme about how buying and enjoying music had changed and how with tracks were no...
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Literary agents – a true story

Literary agents inhabit a rarified position within the publishing business. Writers need them and it is often more difficult to get one to represent you than find a publisher.Even self-published autho...
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She's leaving home, bye, bye!

My youngest daughter hated the idea of us selling the house.She had grown up there all her life. All those memories. Christmas Day with the family, arguing with her elder brother, confiding in her eld...
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What makes a 'good' girl turn bad?

I have received hundreds of emails, tweets and reviews (not to mention sales) for 'The Immortality Plot' and my character Mike Delaney, ex US assassin, ex Hong Kong Police and ex esoteric monk,I reall...
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