What makes a 'good' girl turn bad?

I have received hundreds of emails, tweets and reviews (not to mention sales) for 'The Immortality Plot' and my character Mike Delaney, ex US assassin, ex Hong Kong Police and ex esoteric monk,
I really need to thank all those readers who have fanned my Facebook page and visited this site with a special mention to those who have wanted to discuss the book and to those who have fallen in fearful love with the antagonist, Lucius Gynt.
There is more info and a teaser video on this site.
Now I have finished the latest draft of the new Mike Delaney psycho thriller that I am calling (for now) 'Good Girl Bad Girl'. I can't make up my mind about the title. My wife says it sounds like chick lit which put me off a tad but then, I thought about it and said to myself, maybe readers who wouldn't normally pick up a thriller might be tempted by the title and take a look.
Here's where I need some help. The present draft is not ready to be sent to a publisher because I really need some reader feedback - the kind of critical appraisal that every writer needs.
Not a review, because the book isn't out yet – but a beta analysis that picks up any weak points in the plot or characterisation or any inconsistencies.
If you think you would be a good fit to provide this kind of feedback then comment below or drop me a message on the Contact page.
I look forward to hearing from you.