"Make me beautiful, make me beautiful," she begged

Ella had come to terms with her ugliness – almost. Behind the twisted, deformed lips, buckled nose, slight squint and straggly hair lay the bone structure of a beautiful woman. It's just that no one could see it. No one ever had.
No one ever would.
Who could love a face like that? But she could still wish. She could still cast the spells that she prayed would transform her.
Ed was in the same boat. His beetroot mark, buck teeth, birth scar, slight hunch, and lank hair had guaranteed the Quasimodo sneers and insults.
Ella and Ed were the only scholarship kids at Winfield College in California, where the rich and mega rich sent their sons and daughters to be instructed in the power play of life.
And Scott Stockton was the undisputed leader of the pack. Handsome, arrogant, heir to an industrial multinational with an allowance to match the GDP of a small country, he made Ella and Ed's lives a misery.
Behind Ed's distorted facial appearance lay the structure of another face. He could have been Scott's identical twin. But no one could see it. And no one ever would.
But they could dream. They could wish for the impossible. They could pray to be transformed. But that's all it was. A useless, hopeless wish.
That is until genius, futuristic body remodeller and sculptor Thomas Startz enters their lives.
What if they could be transformed into beautiful creatures? What if they could take the ultimate revenge on Scott Stockton.
What if?
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