TV & Film

David Callinan has a roster film and TV projects available for production. Contact to request samples of scripts or treatments.

Film & TV scripts/treatments 

Lark in the Morning - romantic drama

Coming of age story for innocent Irish boy in the US as he discovers his real father.


Misconception - thriller

Infertile couple hire surrogate who seduces husband


The Rites of Love - black comedy

Shakespeare meets Eastenders: Three ex-university friends devise a scam to make them filthy rich. 


Midnight Mistress - thriller

Female revenge thriller with a schoolteacher who lives a double life as a prostitute.


Hoods - crime drama

A disgraced police officer booted out of the force on a false corruption charge and a gangland boss released from prison for a crime he did not commit join forces in an unholy alliance.


The Forest - TV series concept

Set in The Forest of Dean, a disgraced media tycoon on the rebound takes wife and family to the land that time has forgotten.


The Last Resort - TV series concept

A failed entertainer inherits a haunted pier that is an independent country from the UK by order of Queen Victoria


If you would like more information or sample scripts please contact here.

The Immortality Plot

Mike Delaney thriller

Mike Delaney vows never to kill again...until

One False Move

Mike Delaney thriller

Mike Delaney saves wheelchair-bound man from death


Mike Delaney thriller

He's breathing on her neck, so close she can smell him. Can Delaney save her ?

Torn Apart

Mike Delaney thriller

The nun, the assassin & the Monk

The Exterminator

Mike Delaney thriller

When the hunter becomes the hunted


Horror thriller

You think your body belongs to you? Think again.

Knife Edge

Psycho thriller

Revenge never tasted so sweet

Mike Delaney boxset

Mike Delaney thriller

Three blockbuster Delaney thrillers

The Weather Kids

Children's adventure 6-9 year olds

Six children have superpowers over the weather

The dark power of three


Paranormal, revenge boxset

The Vanishing

YA fantasy

Book one of The Creation Game trilogy

An Angel On My Shoulder

Spiritual thriller

One man, one angel, one prophecy, one quest