Reviews - Torn Apart


5 Stars    Conspiracy with a Twist

Non-stop action. Interesting and complex story. One is immediately emotionally involved with all the characters, some you love, some you hate.

5 Stars A Nun, an Assassin and an ex-monk, an explosive combination
In Mike Delaney, David Callinan has produced a brilliant hero, his backstory is quite amazing and yet it is written in such a way as to be quite believable, very clever writing indeed.
This book, as was the first Mike Delaney book, was absolutely AMAZING! The characters are captivating, so much so, you can actually put yourself amongst them as you live the story! The thrills and excitement are evident from word one of this book, and you can't help but LOVE Delaney.
I recently discovered the work of Mr Callinan, and can honestly say his stories are a complete joy to read. From the very first page, you find yourself immersed in the world he has created. His characters are entirely believable, and you feel they are close friends you have known for a long time. You find yourself cheering their accomplishments, and saddened by their losses. Descriptive locations, help cement the reality of his plots, and you will find yourself turning page after page until you finish the story

The Immortality Plot

Mike Delaney thriller

Mike Delaney vows never to kill again...until

One False Move

Mike Delaney thriller

Mike Delaney saves wheelchair-bound man from death


Mike Delaney thriller

He's breathing on her neck, so close she can smell him. Can Delaney save her ?

Torn Apart

Mike Delaney thriller

The nun, the assassin & the Monk

An Angel On My Shoulder

Spiritual thriller

One man, one angel, one prophecy, one quest


Horror thriller

You think your body belongs to you? Think again.

Knife Edge

Psycho thriller

Revenge never tasted so sweet

Mike Delaney boxset

Mike Delaney thriller

Three blockbuster Delaney thrillers

The Weather Kids

Children's adventure 6-9 year olds

Six children have superpowers over the weather

The dark power of three


Paranormal, revenge boxset

The Vanishing

YA fantasy

Book one of The Creation Game trilogy