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Bodyswitch reminded me a little of Dean Koontz. When I first started reading Koontz, I quickly realized that I could never know what his concept would be. Callinan, of course, has his own style and excellent writing, but his ideas are just as weird, wild and wonderful as Koontz, who quickly became a favorite author for me. The concepts for Bodyswitch are remarkable!

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Jack has entered the Limbo of the after life, and the other souls often do not see each other. His wifeKerry has died, killed by a reckless driver, Ernie, who was also killed. Jack and Kerry's baby has survived. Callinan has been able to portray jack, the struggling head if a shelter as a good man without being reduced to simpering sweetness. And Ernie, well Ernie isn't. He is brutal and cruel. A third character Abraham is a mysterious avatar of the life force of the universe. These three characters embark on a wrinkle in the laws of the universe so Jack can say goodbye to Kerry. This makes Ernie the placeholder for Jack's body,; and as with all exceptions, large issues ensue.

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