Reviews – An Angel On My Shoulder

I have just read An Angel On My Shoulder by David Callinan and I really do not know how to describe it. It is about a man, Paul, who has been chosen to help to prepare the world for the coming of the new messiah. Without giving too much away, he is contacted by Angels (his Guardian Angel plus others). Now I don't necessarily disbelieve that these actually exist so the story was really quite interesting. There were dark forces at work on him as well, that were trying to prevent him succeeding and his battles with these were very convincing. Was this really happening to him or was he actually going mad? The story was quite well written and, I felt, believable.

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I loved the mystical ideas in this book. They made me really stop and think. What if the new messiah, not belonging to any religion but sweeping away all outdated ideas and signalling a new epoch for mankind, was actually alive on Earth today?

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