David Callinan's music

David Callinan spent many years on the road as a musician and singer-songwriter. He played Irish folk music in The Spalpeens in the boom years of the Irish ballad scene. Later, he formed the folk-rock band Urban Clearway whose music was dubbed 'Celtic Swamp Music'.

With Callan and John he released the single 'House Of Delight' and 'Long Shadow Day“, later banned by the BBC for being 'suggestive'. He never understood why. 

Urban Clearway toured with Elton John, Billy Connolly, Fairport Convention, Rod Stewart and many others.

When Urban Clearway broke up, he teamed with band member Mick Flynn to form the folk-rock singer-songwriter duo Callinan-Flynn and recorded an album which today is rated as a 'rare gem' by collectors: 'Freedom's Lament' and sells for exorbitant sums on the Internet.

A highlight of his musical career was co-writing a Celtic rock opera for the Edinburgh Festival. Pucka-Ri starred Pierce Brosnan.

David has recorded new material in the last few years. Take a listen to some tracks here. Feel free to download and share if you wish.  David sings on some tracks and has used session singers on others.


Latest tracks to download are:

Lonely Nights

Time Is A One Way Lane

Give A Little Bit To Me

Don't Take It Out On Me


And for some retro folk-psych listen and download:

Long Shadow Day

House of Delight


If you want to hear a pastiche of 60s style folk whimsy listen to:

The Willow Garden 


Below: Callinan-Flynn: Mick Flynn (left) David Callinan (right) pictured at the Roundhouse, London

CAN YOU SPOT A NAKED PIERCE BROSNAN?                            

David Callinan co-wrote the Celtic rock opera 'Pucka-Ri' for the Edinburgh Festival. The musical extravaganza tells the story of 'One Man' played by a young Pierce Brosnan who travels through the Celtic underworld of gods and demi-gods before being reborn. And he had to appear naked. The audience was certainly stirred if not shaken.

The Immortality Plot

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One False Move

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Mike Delaney saves wheelchair-bound man from death


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Torn Apart

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The nun, the assassin & the Monk

The Exterminator

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When the hunter becomes the hunted


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You think your body belongs to you? Think again.

Knife Edge

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Revenge never tasted so sweet

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Three blockbuster Delaney thrillers

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Children's adventure 6-9 year olds

Six children have superpowers over the weather

The dark power of three


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