The Weather Kids

Six children have superpowers over the weather



Meet Linzi Lightning (USA), Tommy Thunder (Australia), Rebecca Rain (UK), Sofia Snow (Russia), Sami Sunshine (Brazil) and Wu-shi Wind (China).The Weather Kids are granted superpowers over the weather by the Weather God but only when they help people and the planet. They have a special meeting place in the sky called Cloud Nine and travel on the Rainbow Superhighway to right wrongs in their own world or in other worlds and dimensions trying to get into ours and cause trouble.

They battle against villains such as Doctor Vile, the Wicked Weather Witch and Old Father Grime (just a few of the nasties).



The Weather Kids and the Rainbow Superhighway

(or how they got their superpowers – and what happened next)


Linzi, Tommy, Rebecca, Sofia, Sami and Wu-Shi meet when their scientists parents are at an international climate change conference. They see a strange man stealing something from the secret Climate Change laboratory. They find themselves trapped inside as fantastic storm start to rage. That's when the Weather God appears and tells them they have been chosen. They are taken to their new headquarters inside Cloud Nine travelling along the Rainbow Superhighway. They foil the terrible Doctor Vile who has created a thirty foot monster from garbage, junk and landfill waste who is threatening a school full of young children.



˜Linzi Lightning saves New York'

Linzi Lightning does battle with Old Father Grime who threatens to bury New York in black soot and fog.


˜Sami Sunshine wins The World Cup'

When a top Brazilian footballer is kidnapped before the World Cup semi-final against England Sami Sunshine tracks him down underground and transports him to the ground on a sunbeam.


˜Sofia Snow and the Wicked Weather Witch'

The Wicked Weather Witch attempts to steal gold from the Bank of Russia by freezing Moscow solid and using a solar-powered broomstick. But she cannot freeze Sofia Snow.

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