The dark power of three

Paranormal, revenge boxset



For fans of Dean Koontz, John Saul, Clive Barker, Stephen King

Dangerous, obsessive, paranormal, suck-in-your-breath, dark and disturbing thrillers

Knife Edge: Two ugly but brilliant losers dream of being beautiful, wealthy and wreaking vengeance on the rich kid who torments them..Enter a body remodelling genius who is about to make their dream come true.

Bodyswitch: Multiracial, split personality thriller.If you think your body belongs to you – think again.

An Angel On My Shoulder: One Man, One Angel, One Prophecy, One Quest A man is sent on a perilous quest across the globe to fulfil an angel prophecy that will change the world as we know it

"OMG, I was breathless by the time I finished Knife Edge." Glenda Bixler

" In David Callinan's 'An Angel On My Shoulder,' the battle is also waged in the invisible arena of the mind. The main character, Paul, is informed by the inner voice of an angel that he's been chosen for a divine mission. What follows is a series of harrowing encounters with demons and also his own fears and weaknesses." Sandy

"Bodyswitch reminded me of Dean Koontz. When I first started reading Koontz, I quickly realized that I could never know what his concept would be. Callinan, of course, has his own style and excellent writing, but his ideas are just as weird, wild and wonderful as Koontz, who quickly became a favorite author for me. The concepts for Bodyswitch are remarkable."Glenda

The Immortality Plot

Mike Delaney thriller

Mike Delaney vows never to kill again...until

One False Move

Mike Delaney thriller

Mike Delaney saves wheelchair-bound man from death


Mike Delaney thriller

He's breathing on her neck, so close she can smell him. Can Delaney save her ?

Torn Apart

Mike Delaney thriller

The nun, the assassin & the Monk

The Exterminator

Mike Delaney thriller

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Horror thriller

You think your body belongs to you? Think again.

Knife Edge

Psycho thriller

Revenge never tasted so sweet

Mike Delaney boxset

Mike Delaney thriller

Three blockbuster Delaney thrillers

The Weather Kids

Children's adventure 6-9 year olds

Six children have superpowers over the weather

The dark power of three


Paranormal, revenge boxset

The Vanishing

YA fantasy

Book one of The Creation Game trilogy

An Angel On My Shoulder

Spiritual thriller

One man, one angel, one prophecy, one quest